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For a Green and Prosperous Future

Who are we?

We are a coalition of green technology companies dedicated to the safe processing and reclamation of critical and strategic minerals in the Thetford-Beauce sector of the region of Chaudière-Appalaches, in Quebec.

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The GEHCA represents a new generation of entrepreneurs determined to minimize their ecological footprint by developing industrial operations based on innovation, science and a commitment to the principles of the circular economy.

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The GEHCA believes that the safe handling, processing and reclamation of mine tailings is the only viable, economic and environmental solution to restore former mine sites.

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In the spirit of collaboration and transparency, the GEHCA will also include auxiliary and observing members from different socio-economic, environmental, governmental and educational sectors in the region.



Investment commitments
of close to

$500 million 
to date

The transformation of more than

100 million 
tons of mine tailings

More than

150 new
well-paying jobs

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Our purpose

Secure the future for industrial transformation of critical and strategic minerals in the region.

The GEHCA is motivated by a positive and environmentally responsible vision for the future of the Chaudière-Appalaches region. GEHCA members believe that processing and transforming critical and strategic minerals is the optimal way to revitalize and restore the landscape of this area, which is characterized by the presence of hundreds of thousands of tons of tailings. These mineral resources represent an undeniable socio-economic potential for the region and for all of Québec.


Become the regional  reference for an eco-responsible mineral transformation industry

Help restore pride in the region 

Contribute to the restoration and revitalization of the regional landscape 

Participate in the creation of a new regional economic engine, based on the principles of the circular economy


Strong commitment to the principles of sustainable development and the circular economy 
Regional economy

Prioritization of the local workforce to maximize regional socio-economic benefits

Showcase Québec’s unique know-how to develop and improve industrial processes to contribute to the fight against climate change

Show deep respect for our company employees and community members


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The PEVCA will participate in the 2023 edition of Green Economy Week!
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